WiFi Hotspots can be configured in many ways, we show typical configurations here, please contact us to discuss your own needs.

A great WiFi experience could make customers come back again and again

If you own a restaurant/cafe, a hotel, or perhaps wish to offer WiFi in waiting area at your office, you might want to personalize it. Perhaps display a page that shows your logo or a picture of your choosing. You could even display your restaurants’ menu.

Alternatively, maybe you wish to enforce some rules, like only allow access to known good websites, or set speed limits so that abusive users will not affect everyone else.

Maybe even kick users after 2 hours of use, or automatically change WiFi password every week..

Those are a few things you could do, our solutions are tailored to each customer, as they see fit.. if you are not sure what you need, we could recommend a typical setup suitable for your type of establishment. Please reach out to us.

WiFi could attract more customers to your establishment